• YCSA Food Pantry

    YCSA Food Pantry

  • YCSA Family Services

    YCSA Family Services

  • YCSA Thrift Store

    YCSA Thrift Store

Our Mission

Our programs have adapted over the years but our mission remains the same – to extend hospitality to every York resident who turns to us in need.

Our Programs

YCSA Family Services, the YCSA Thrift Store and the YCSA Food Pantry rely on the generosity of York residents, churches, community agencies and business owners to support us in our work.

Lend a Helping Hand

If you have questions, need services, have suggestions or would like to donate or volunteer at the YCSA Thrift Store, please call 207-363-2510. For the YCSA Food Pantry, please call 207-351-1928.